The McIntosh High School Lacrosse Booster Club has been formed for the sole purpose of promoting excellence in the support of McIntosh High School Lacrosse and related activities.

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Christmas Tree Fundraiser

Players should start distributing the flyers on the weekend of the 17th-18th! Share the flyer with all social media.


Below are the links to the flyers, player assigned subdivisions, sign-up genius for crews 


Large Flyer - Flyer for distribution on social media, feeder schools, businesses, etc.


Small Flyer - This is the flyer that should be cut into 3 and distributed to all the homes in your assigned subdivisions.


Signup Genius - Sign-up for Crews to pick-up Christmas Trees 


Player subdivision assignments -Please cover your assigned subdivision & one that is not covered. Contact each other in your assigned # so you are not delivering to same area.


Map - map of subdivisions